About Us and Why sgroamers!

Kayak Fishing adventure
We went kayak fishing

Hey everyone!! We are two adventurers and dreamers from the sunny little red dot on the world map, which is Singapore!

It all started with watching hundreds of travel videos and an urge to travel since the pandemic that we thought that we wanted to start creating vlogs as memories to keep as well as to share useful advices and tips where ever we roam (in Singapore or around the world), hence the birth of our name.

The blog will serve as supplementary content to our videos of anywhere we travel as well as our home base, Singapore. 

You will find more detailed information like tips/tricks, the what and how that can’t be shared over one channel alone! 

We invite anyone like-minded to follow our journey. If you have enjoyed the content, consider subscribing to our blog and our youtube channel below 🙂 


We do most real live updates here on Instagram: @sgroamers

Stay safe and happy!